My Theatre Work

While attending the University of Northern Iowa we did a production of the show “Medea” the classic Greek tragedy only instead of performing it from a Western vision, we preformed it from an Africanized vision.  The director was Tisch Jones an African-American director and professor at UNI at the time.  This was my first piece of music specifically written for a performance based on someones work other than my own.  It was a unique learning experience especially when I tried to write based on African melodies and African instrumentation while using my synth and sampling some unique sounds.

Medea: Pre-Show Music

Sound cue 1

Sound Cue 2

Sound Cue 3

Sound Cue 4

Sound Cue 5

Sound Cue 6

Sound Cue 7

Sound Cue 8

Sound Cue 9

Sound Cue 10

Sound Cue 11


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